What is Skin Needling?

Skin needling is a minimally invasive treatment that safely penetrates the deep layers of the skin to regenerate and repair troubled areas. The micro punctures created by tiny oscillating needles, allows a specialised serum to be passed through to these deep layers, kick-starting the body’s natural healing process. This results in increased collagen production giving the skin a smoother and more firm appearance, as well as the penetration of active ingredients tailored to your skin concern further into the skin. Skin needling has become a refined treatment over many years and has been proven to have the following effects;

  • Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen

  • Activates the skin’s natural healing process

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Reduces the appearance of pores

  • Improve skin texture and firmness

  • Reduces the appearance of scars (including acne scars) and stretch marks

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can skin needling be used to treat?

Skin needling is ideal for treating a variety of cosmetic skin concerns, including:

  • Acne scaring

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Volume loss (to some degree)

  • Stretch marks

  • Surgical Scars

  • Hair thinning or loss

We do this by selecting a personalised ampoule serum of ingredients from Mesoestetic to target your target concerns.

Does Skin Needling it hurt?

Unfortunately we are unable to supply numbing cream/gel for skin needling procedures as per health department regulations in Australia however you are more than welcomed to bring in your own numbing cream or gel to be applied prior to treatment.

Without numbing cream/gel this treatment can feel a small amount of pain. If you have ever had a tattoo, the pain can be similar. However the treatment is quick and is done within 15-20 minutes. We are able to adjust the length and speed of the needles or the pen to suit you. For more information on what the treatment involves, head to our blog about the Skin Needling Experience.

What happens during the treatment?

Firstly we double cleanse your skin to prepare it for the treatment. If you are supplying numbing gel we will apply this after your skin is cleansed. Once the topical anaesthetic has numbed your skin we will cleanse it off and sanitise and disinfect your skin with products such as chlorhexidine and saline. We then apply specialised Mesoestetic serum(s) to your skin and needle over the area the serum is. If there are particular troubled areas such as a deep scar or a deep wrinkle we will target that area. Once the needling is done we place a deeply soothing and nourishing bio-cellulose mask enriched with hyaluronic acid to help calm, restore and hydrate skin and other products to help heal the skin further.

When will I start to see results?

 Visible skin needling results will usually require multiple sessions. A significant improvement will be noticeable after 4-6 sessions depending on the original skin concern.

How often will I need to get it done?

We recommend for clients to get treatments monthly but they can be done as soon as 2 weeks after your last needling session. Best results are seen after 6 treatments.

Can this treatment be done in conjunction with other facial treatments?

Skin needling and the Medik8 Peels can be done alternatively every 2 weeks for best results. You can continue with a Medik8 facial treatments one week after a needling or skin peel treatment.

What health conditions must I not have to be suitable for skin needling?

Clients that suffer from the following are not recommended for skin needling:

  • Diabetes

  • Use of prescription Vitamin A (eg. Roaccutane) within 12 months

  • Immunosuppressive disorders

  • Pregnant or nursing

  • Active cold sores

  • Active Acne

  • Open sores or lesions

  • Localised infections

  • Recent cosmetic procedures (allow 14 days from cosmetic procedures such as relaxant and filler)

  • Recent surgical procedures

I have a scar elsewhere on my body. Can I get that treated as well?

Yes! The needle we open on the day is able to be used anywhere on the body. There will be an additional fee that can be discussed with your therapist on the day.

What must I do before my skin needling treatment?

Before your treatment do not use prescription vitamin A (eg. Zorac, Retrieve) for 2-3 days before. For best results we recommend daily use of Medik8 products such as the CSA Philosophy home care system 7-14 days prior to treatment for better treatment results and final outcome.

What must I do after my skin needling treatment?

The biggest risk after your treatment is infection. Please avoid touching your skin until you are ready to cleanse your skin again, leaving your skin alone until morning is acceptable if your treatment was carried out in the late afternoon or evening. Other guidelines to follow include;

  • Mineral make up is fine to place immediately after treatment. All other makeup and foundations must can be used after 24 hours.

  • Avoid perspiring and exercise for 24 hours or until skin is no longer sensitive.

  • Avoid using skin care products with colour, fragrance and active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid and perfumes and colours for 5-7 days post treatment unless discussed with your therapist.

  • Ensure you are using an SPF 30+ daily. Your skin is more susceptible to the sun so keep sun exposure to a minimum.

  • Once your skin is no longer sensitive you can go back to your normal skin care routine. Please use cleanser and moisturisers recommended to you by your therapist (if you are unsure, please contact us).

Are there any side effects?

During treatment there will be pinpoint bleeding but this will cease at the end of treatment. Post treatment you may experience some slight redness, swelling and sensitivity (sunburn feeling) that can last from 24 to 48 hours. After a few days, the area may start to feel dry and tight, this is expected as your skin begins to heal and produce new collagen.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 AIM WELL. For more information, head to our blog on the Skin Needling Experience.

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