Medik8's CSA Philosophy

Vitamin C + Sunscreen by Day, Vitamin A by Night

Medik8’s ultimate mission is to help you achieve Beautiful Skin for Life through their simple CSA philosophy. Medik8 believes the secret to looking younger for longer is as easy as vitamin C plus sunscreen by day and vitamin A by night. If you look after your skin and follow our simple advice, we believe you can look 40 when you’re 50.

Vitamin C

Well formulated, stabilised vitamin C provides all-important antioxidant protection as well as stimulating collagen production and blocking the development of pigment for smoother and brighter skin.

Apply vitamin C in the morning for an all-day urban shield against everyday environmental factors which can cause skin ageing.

Applying vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost skin collagen and elasticity and contains powerful antioxidants that actually reverses skin related damages to the skin.



It is estimated that 80% of skin ageing is caused by the sun. Living in Australia we are more susceptible to these harmful rays that not only age us but also causes melanomas or otherwise known as skin cancer. Getting into the routine of applying each morning will protect yourself from both. Wearing high-strength sun protection every day is fundamental for a youthful complexion. Medik8 have a range of beautifully light but powerful sunscreens that protect and nourish the skin.

For more information please see our blog on sunscreen.

Vitamin A

As the experts in vitamin A (aka retinol), Medik8 has developed a wide range of night creams and serums to rejuvenate skin while you sleep. Vitamin A is quite simply the most important ingredient in anti-ageing skincare. It has a wealth of skin benefits including speeding up cellular renewal and reducing sebum production. It is crucial that Vitamin A is stabilised and has some form of controlled-release to ensure maximum potency with minimal irritation.

Simply put, anti-ageing skincare doesn’t need to be complicated – in fact, it shouldn’t be. Following our simple CSA philosophy will help improve the tone and texture of your skin; leaving it healthy and youthful-looking. It is as simple as applying vitamin C and sunscreen in the morning than a vitamin A treatment at night.

For information click here to make an appointment for a skin consult to discuss which CSA products would be best for you or visit the Medik8 website.

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