My First Skin Needling Experience

Have you ever considered skin needling as a treatment option, but didn’t know what to expect? The following blog post was written by our Remedial Massage Therapist Beaudie, after her first experience with skin needling;

To those who have not met me yet; my name is Beaudie and I’m the remedial massage therapist at Aim Cosmetic & Wellness. I have no previous experience with cosmetic procedures, in particular skin needling, but was interested in the procedure due to the results I continue to see at the clinic. The idea of skin needling was completely foreign to me and I also didn’t know if it was something my 25-year-old face needed. Did I classify as someone needing to go down the anti-ageing pathway already?

Erica (my therapist) conducted a skin analysis and explained that although I have relatively good skin with no scars, signs of ageing are common for clients my age because we are constantly exposed to the harsh Australian sun. For my skin, she only recommended 1 – 2 treatments of skin needling to kick start the collagen and repair the damages to the top layer of skin. For other skin concerns it may be longer.

First things first, I don’t have any tattoos, I say this because if you’ve been researching skin needling you’ve probably heard someone say, “it’s much less painful than a tattoo”, so I really have nothing to compare the feeling to. Despite my inexperience, I chose not to be numbed for my treatment, much to my brain’s better judgement, mainly because the numbing cream is expensive, and someone told me it doesn’t work that well anyway.

So, armed with some information from Google and my Erica’s explanation on what I was going to experience - I was ready to start the procedure.

The forehead was a little uncomfortable but much less than I had anticipated so this was a bonus! My cheeks and chin were almost painless and once my therapist got to the sensitive areas (under the eyes and nose) I had become more comfortable with the pain and knew what to expect. Erica (my therapist) was so amazingly gentle I didn’t regret the decision not to have numbing cream nearly as much as I thought.

Following the treatment my skin was a flushed pink colour and felt almost sunburnt, which was immediately soothed with the repair cream that was gently massaged into my face. I was told to expect to be a little red for 2-3 days, and I wasn’t to wear makeup or sweat excessively for 24 hours. I followed all of these instructions closely as I wanted to get the best results possible.

The next day my face was still pink, I have fair skin, so it was noticeable to me, but my partner said I just looked a little sunburnt. My face was tight as if it was sunburnt but my day 2 the tightness was hardly noticeable, and my flushed face had continued to calm down.

It’s been 2 weeks now since my treatment and honestly, my face feels smoother than ever and looks so fresh and dewy. My friends have commented on the evenness of my skin tones and that’s been with no makeup!!!

Below is a quick overview of my experience:



  • I was able to start with the smallest needles as there are different needle lengths. The length can be changed to suit your pain threshold and comfort level.

  • The face mask after the treatment is absolute HEAVEN – It’s so cooling!

  • By day 2 my skin already looked plumper and dewy.

  • Felt the need to not where makeup because my skin tone was even, and my face felt so fresh.

  • The results from the treatment are longer-lasting than microdermabrasion or a facial.

  • Prepare for everyone to comment on how much your skin is glowing!


  • If you don’t handle pain very well, you may struggle with the forehead being done without the numbing cream. I know there are some good numbing creams around, but you’ll need to apply it yourself.

  • My flushed skin was noticeable to me the next day - so if you aren’t comfortable walking around like that, I recommend taking time off work or other activities the next day.

  • You can’t wear makeup or sweat for 24 hours. So again, if you aren’t comfortable with that, take the next day to enjoy a movie marathon at home.

  • Stay out of the sun for 48 hours- your skin is precious and fragile!

 So needless to say, I am now completely converted to skin needling and will opt for this treatment over a facial any day of the week, because the results last for so much longer. I have been using products from the Medik8 range to pro-long and enhance the effects of the skin needling as well as learning about what my specific skin needs are and how to best meet them. It’s never too late (or early in my case) to start your journey to better skin.

Products Used:

  • m. pen pro

  • organic silicon- regulates cell metabolism (customisable serum)

  • Medik8 Ultimate Recovery Serum

  • Medik8 CSA Pack- maintenance

For more information and frequently asked questions, head to our blog about Skin Needling. To book your appointment, call us on 1300 AIM WELL or book you appointment online,

Kodee Guglielmana