Save Your Skin & the Planet

Disposable makeup removal wipes are a popular product for many and although a convenient makeup removal option, there are many downsides to these products for both your skin and the environment. We have outlined some of these negative effects below;

  • They are Unsustainable: Disposable makeup wipes are one of the fastest growing causes of pollution, mainly due to being tossed down the toilet. Marine Conservation Society Volunteers pick up makeup wipes at the rate of 35 wipes per kilometre. These wipes also take up to 100 years to break down.

  • They Aren’t Cost Effective: Although there are cheap makeup removal wipes available on the market, as they can only be used once, the cost really adds up. Purchasing a reusable alternative can be a great investment in the long term.

  • They Only Clean the Surface: It may seem as though a makeup removal wipe cleans all of the makeup off your skin, but they cannot reach in and clean out your pores. This can lead to build up and congestion in the pores and skin issues.

  • Harsh on Your Skin: Make up removal wipes require some effort to remove stubborn makeup, especially around the eyes and lips. This often results in a scrubbing action with the wipes which can be aggressive and damaging on your skin and may even result in wrinkles. As well as this, some makeup wipes (especially the cheaper options) contain chemicals that can dehydrate and irritate the skin.

 Are There any Alternatives?

The good news is there are convenient, cost effective and efficient alternatives to disposable makeup wipes. At Aim, we have recently started stocking the Zagg makeup removal cloth. These are soft, reusable microfibre cloths that can remove all kinds of makeup, using only water. The tiny microfibres will clean out your pores completely, which is a great benefit to your skin. These cloths can be used up to 1000 times and be washed in a regular washing machine cycle- saving you money on cheap, inefficient makeup wipes and excess cleansing products.


Pick up your Zagg Makeup Removal cloth today in the clinic at (4/64 Attfield Street, Maddington) or treat yourself and book an appointment online or by calling us on 1300 AIM WELL.

Kodee Guglielmana