How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan

For a high-quality spray tan that not only looks natural but lasts well, it is important to prepare correctly. Here are our top tips on preparing for your spray tan;

Prior to Your Appointment

  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is the removal of the old, dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. This is important for a spray tan as it creates an even base for the tan to be sprayed onto. There are many different exfoliants on the market but we recommend creating your own natural scrub to use at home (see our recipe here), the night before your tan.

  • Hair removal: It is best to remove unwanted hair before your spray tan as many hair removal methods will strip tans and leave patching. If a spray tan is done too soon after hair removal it can settle in open pores, creating a spotty appearance. Hair removal should be performed at least one day prior to your spray tan (or 5 days after IPL).

  • Moisturise: This softens any dry areas on the body. If you leave dry areas on the body the tan may stick to them, giving a patchy appearance.

Just Before Your Appointment

  • Shower: Cleanse the skin with an oil-free shower gel to remove any oils and products off the skin. It is important to ensure there are no products acting as barriers on the skin. Some products may even react with the tan, causing it to appear green.

  • Clothing: Wear dark, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. Your fresh spray tan needs time to develop without being rubbed off before it is washed off.


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Kodee Guglielmana